Best of Beijing

Having lost almost 2 days of our time in Beijing due to the delay and ridiculously early morning arrival, we were up at 9 ready to grab breakfast and see the sights. We set off to the nearest train station, Zhushikou, and spent 10 minutes figuring out how to purchase a ticket… apparently once you know it’s as easy as 1 – Choose destination, 2- Insert money, 3- Push button labeled confirm ticket, 4- Get on the train, no problem there then, I’m putting it down to jetlag! 

We exited the subway at the Tianammen East station and found our way up to street level. The sky was a brilliant blue, so much for all the rain! We had finally made it to Tianammen square. This place is big, with large crowds of Chinese locals wielding self sticks. We walked around for a look, then headed off to The Forbidden City. 

The forbidden city can only be described with one word – massive. This place stretches for miles, just when you think you’ve covered all the pavilions – harmony, You are faced with a whole new wing to conquer. The signage does leave a lot to be desired, with very little information available about any of the buildings. But walking around you get the gist. 

Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater – This is a must do. What these acrobats can manage to do with one bike and some chairs is amazing to see, even if their costumes and the production value lacks finesse. Dinner was dumplings and Peking duck of course! What else would you eat when in Beijing?



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