First stop Chengsha…. then Beijing who knows when?

I had been warned that both weather and last minute flight cancellations, can hinder travel in China at this time of year, but as always took the attitude of how bad can it be? We have always travelled in Asia during Monsoon Season, and it hasn’t stopped us so far! We reached the check in desk, Tullamarine at the crack of dawn, only to be told our connecting flight to Beijing had been cancelled, as Beijing airport is currently closed due to storms & flooding. Collect your bags in Chengsha and we may have a better idea of how long you will be stranded, when you get there! 

So, with a few quick emails to ensure our travel plans aren’t too disrupted, we boarded Hainan Airlines, front row upgrade anyone? Yes please! 

We got truly excited when we got to Chengsha and were told we can get you on an earlier flight to beat the storms……well, 5 hrs later we are still sitting on the cold metal seats, that were never designed for this long a wait, with still no idea when we may board! Any questions have been met with shrugs. Our new posse of stranded friends haven’t had any luck getting info either, and they can speak the language! So we wait…….. 

See all that red, green and black – Yep cancelled or delayed!

We finally managed to get on a flight, sat on the Tarmac for an hour, only to be told your going nowhere tonight! Lucky we are practiced at sleeping anywhere!

With no flights taking off for Beijing until the afternoon, we needed to escape. To relieve the boredom we set out on foot to discover what this pumping town had to offer…….not much it appears! We found a Tesco to spend some time in but that was about the extent of it. We are back to the airport to try again tonight – hopefully the weather reports of level 6 winds and torrential rain are rumours!

Downtown Chengsha

After being told our flight was cancelled yet again, we decided fighting to get our bags back was in order, if only to change clothes. 5 counters later, we find out our boarding passes were printed for the wrong flight – so a quick dash to gate 1 as it looks like we may get out of here sometime after midnight – wish us luck! 

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