Easter in Gippsland 

We realised recently that we haven’t been away for a Easter break since 1998, pre kids. We were scarred by the fact it seems to rain every Easter and ’98 was the year of the glamping disaster, but that’s another story… another attempt to enjoy a break away at Easter was long overdue!

We decided to head South East to Gippsland primarily because Robin had never been there and the kids had been talking about the beach for ages. Robin was bolstered by the fact everyone he talked to leading up to the trip had nothing but great things to say about Inverloch,  happily retelling their family bonding story that involved Inverloch, its beaches and scenery. So Inverloch it was then!  

So did it live up to expectations? It rained the first day and wasn’t the warmest but hey it’s Victoria in Autumn! We still managed to get out and about exploring the area. We visited numerous little inlets, rock pools and sleepy little villages. We stopped at a lovely open gate farm where numerous lovely cheeses were waiting to be tasted, so we spent the afternoon amongst the cows eating cheese and trying local wines. 

The Easter bunny delivered surfing lessons this year. What better place to learn to surf but Victoria in grey skied Autumn weather! Almost a right of passage – those in the know tell me the best time for surfing really is in Autumn, as the onshore winds provide bigger waves. All I can say is I’m glad they had steamer suits available! 

Despite it not being the warmest, we made the most of being at the beach. At least until our next holiday…..

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