Penang – street art and street food 

We have landed ourselves at possibly the friendliest guesthouse with the most helpful staff I have ever come across! Literally nothing is too much trouble – the manager even comes out on the street to point you in the right direction for dinner! Luckily for us, she is a walking fountain of knowledge about local places to get the best street food. Located in the old quarter of George Town we are centrally located to all that this Unesco heritage town has to offer. 

stir fried oysters

There’s a saying here, that a big tummy is a sign of prosperity. The kids keep reminding Robin, that it is a saying not a challenge! With Penang being widely touted as one of the world’s street food meccas, the local food culture is strong. On our second night, we chanced upon this street side hawker stall by sheer coincidence. We had got lost and were trying to find our way back to the guesthouse. The place was absolutely heaving with local patrons, always a good sign – right?

Exploring Chinese quarter of Georgetown

There is no lack of food options here, and is difficult to find a store that falls short of a rating lower than delicious,  Robin was prepared to scour every nook and cranny of Penang’s streets for these must eat local street foods.

We have really enjoyed the last four days of our holiday here. We had to cancel our last nights accomodation at the beach due to unforeseen renovations at the hotel, but to be honest we aren’t that disappointed as the beach is really average compared to some we have been to on this trip. 

There are many artists that have contributed to the streetscape of Georgetown, one of them is Lithuanian Ernest Zacharevic who unique artworks are appreciated both by tourists and the locals. These murals have transformed what used to be normal streets into more unusual, lively, and engaging spaces. We had a four seat bicycle that we rode around the streets in search of different artworks. Kids steering in Penang traffic in the middle of the day, what were we thinking! Luckily the locals seem used to bikes making sudden turns in front of them! 

We didn’t follow a set route, mostly due to our driver and navigator!  We simply rode around freely, stopping every time we wanted to and discovering Penang’s art at our own pace. We recommend doing it in the same way. Walking around trying to find the street art in Georgetown is an amazing free activity that showed us so many areas of the city that you would normally just pass by. We also managed to squeeze in a free city walking tour organised by the tourism council, that was definitely worthwhile. They take you around all the historical buildings and explain the history of Penang. 

Gee Hiang the biscuit dude is everywhere in Penang!

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