Kuala Lumpur 

I must admit we do not particularly like KL as a city. The whole city feels run down and seems like a giant building site. It is dusty and the traffic is crazy, with no room for pedestrians. For the most part it seems that tourists are a hinderance in KL. I don’t know why, I normally love hectic, noisy smelly cities – I love Bangkok. But KL and I just don’t gel. 

The taxis in KL are in a league of their own. Most of them are so worn down, it is a miracle they even work. In fact, we saw an old guy push his broken down taxi past us in Chinatown, still yelling at us Taxi?!? I’m not sure whether he thought we were completely naive or going to help him push!

We did find this funky cafe – KCR, around the corner from where we were staying which restored my faith in humanity for a little while. It’s amazing what a good coffee can do! 

Today was definitely all about the food! There had been discussions, regarding a certain Japanese chain’s cream puffs, since we had left Melbourne. I had managed to track one down in KL, so that was the next snack stop! 

Dinner was in China Town. It is by no means the best China Town we have been to, it is a bit too touristy and lacks charm, and surprisingly the Chinese food can best be described as average and expensive. It is a busy undercover shopping street packed with stalls selling everything you can imagine, and sellers shouting at you to try and convince you to buy from their stall. Not that this stopped us of course from purchasing a few “necessary” items!

Some things are surprisingly cheap here, but most are relatively on par with Australia. One thing that fell into the cheap category was indoor archery at the shopping complex near us – Berjaya Times Square. This place is huge with over 1000 shops, and over 2,5 million people visiting the mall each month. A great place to escape the heat of a while. 

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