On island time in Koh Samui

We arrived in Surit Thani after an amazingly pleasant overnight journey on the train. Managing to dodge the touts, we made it to the ferry office, to book our place on the ferry to Koh Samui. Breakfast was on the side of the road, watching the town start its morning activities, until it was time to board the bus to the wharf. 

An hour later, we were deposited in Koh Samui for the bus to our hotel. This part of the journey has been amazingly efficient for Thailand. We spent the afternoon looking around town, spending a couple of hours at Escapade – an escape game, where you unlock clues to a mystery. If you’ve never tried an escape room you should give it a go!  

After a bit of research, we found a tailor in town that we really liked – pricewise. We needed a suit for Oliver’s house dinner first week back at school, some summer shirts for Robin and I had some work attire made up. The quality of both the fabric and workmanship was amazing, we were really impressed with what we ended up with, all done within 48hrs, which I still find amazing! Oliver is now the proud owner of a wool/cashmere suit, bespoke, at the age 14!

Now that the kids are older, I didn’t think I would have to carry around supplies, as if I am a survivalist preparing for the apocalypse; but apparently that is not the case! I thought I had come prepared to deal with every eventuality – with 2 medical kits on board, but no, once again I am on first name terms with the local chemist! Jemima has had a great 48hrs – she and I went out for a relaxing kayak at Chewang Beach, which resulted in a capsized paddle board and an incident with a sea urchin! I managed to get the spikes out, but Jemima’s toe wasn’t going to give in that easily. We hadn’t yet seen the inside of the Thai hospital system, so thought it was time to give that a try as well. 

24hrs later……. We found out that apparently snorkelling is a dangerous sport – coral 1 vs Jemima 0, she managed to slice her knee open like a ripe mango. When the pharmacist opens her door beaming at you, you know it’s time to get off the island!

Injuries aside, we had a great time spending the day at Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, snorkelling, swimming and sight seeing. The amount of fish and things to see was amazing. It is part of the marine park in the island area, so the water is amazingly clear and warm. The speed boat ride back trying to beat the impending storm was a bit hair raising! I’m not sure if their boats have much longevity past a season, the way we were crashing about. The staff on board however, were amazing, dealing with injuries (ours), sea sickness (not ours) and bad weather like pros.  

Our time here was short – just three days, but in that time we managed to consume copious amounts of seafood. With the ability to just walk out your front door onto the beach and survey different menus until you find the restaurant that takes your fancy, was a little hard to take! Yes I realise this is not seafood! But I didn’t get any photos before it was demolished. 

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