Hell fire pass

Staying at the amusingly named Good Times Resort this was our lovely view at breakfast. It really was quite lovely to spend time watching the river start the day, before we headed off further around the Kanchanaburi region to explore.

Our first stop was a waterfall, or dry fall as the kids and guide decided to name it! It hasn’t seen water all year, partly due to drought and partly due to changed water flow upstream. The day we were there, they were organising a meeting onsite to discuss this. Personally I am not quite sure you can call this an area of tourist interest anymore, and am not quite sure why it is still on the tour guides agenda, but that’s Thailand for you!

Next stop was the death railway and museum (Australian funded & built). A very sobering place, at odds with the picturesque location. We walked the first section of the railway through the Chuya cutting and down to hell fire pass. 

Lest we forget 

A contemplative moment – taking in the view so at odds with Weary Dunlop’s story.

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