257 train to Kanchanaburi 

Next stop on our travels is Kanchanaburi. This means an early 5am start to beat the notorious Bangkok traffic jams, so we could make our train on time. Even at this time traffic was starting to build. The trains to Kanchanaburi leave from Thonburi station and not from the central station at Hua Lamphong, where most trains leave from, which just happened to be over the other side of the city from our hotel.

Catching up on the Japanese news

We had experienced the 3rd class trains before in Thailand so we’re prepared for the delays, comfy wooden seats and air conditioning ie. open windows that are part of the experience! Surprisingly the train was relatively on time – a first for us in Thailand!

One of the things we like about traveling on Thai trains is seeing the food sellers come around constantly, selling cold drinks, dried pork, rice dishes, and a myriad of other things. It’s also a great people watching opportunity. It was a good day to travel as the weather was quite stormy and rainy. By the time we reached Kanchanaburi it had cleared up substantially.

We arrived to intermittent sun, so we decided to head out on a long tail boat to see the river Kwai sights and visit the JEATH museum and war cemetery.

Last stop of the day was the bridge over the River Kwai

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3 Responses to 257 train to Kanchanaburi 

  1. nikhilnk says:

    Planning to do this train trip in a couple of weeks time. Can you help me with some info?

    How crowded is the train when it leaves from Thonburi in the morning? My mother has slight niggle with her knees and since this is an unreserved train, wanted to make sure that it’s comfortable for her. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • fiona davis says:

      Hi there the train itself wasn’t crowded at all in any carriage – we were 4 of a total of maybe 20 people in the carriage. Please be aware the seats aren’t luxurious – they are hard wooden seats that can’t be adjusted, perfectly fine for us, but something you might like to consider. The journey isn’t particularly onerous, but the 3-4 hrs it takes is enough, to see the scenery. You can always get up and walk around the carriage if need be. Hope this helps

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