Shopping in Bangkok

Today saw us lined up at MBK awaiting opening at 10am. This is what happens when you travel with teenagers – there is not enough shopping hrs in a day, particularly when your list is so long! Luckily numerous trips here in previous years means we knew exactly where we were headed. Oliver managed to source half of his requirements in the first hour, spending his hard earned cash on brand name shirts and extras for the new GoPro.

We stopped in at Terminal 21 – Robin had read about the different floors representing different countries and wanted to have a look. It was a bit of a disappointment, mainly just glammed up local shops with a few global names in between, in very twee surrounds. We did manage to find a really nice Thai place for lunch though! 

Yet another juice shake!

Next on the list was Emporium – much more upmarket, Robin was in his element with the Thai equivalent of a DJ’s food hall! With five spice duck, glass Noodle pad Thai, and pork belly on the menu, everyone enjoyed this refuelling pit stop, and apart from sore feet we were ready to continue our shopping journey. 

Oliver is now the proud owner of a new GoPro case and Jemima lashed out on her favourite body shimmer – thanks Grandma and Grandpa! 😊

We even managed to find Jemima a dress for house dinner! 

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