Touchdown Bangkok!

Chatachuk market was our first stop after breakfast this morning. I have been trying to visit here for the last 6 years but every time we are in Bangkok its mid week and therefore not open. With more than 8,000 stalls, divided into 27 sections, it covers 35 acres, and is visited by over 200 thousand people each weekend. It’s impossible to visit every stall because there are just too many, and it’s like a maze, so Robin’s usual “we’ll come back to it” was redundant here, much to our delight! Luckily, the AUD was strengthening as the day progressed! It’s amazing how much stuff is sorely missing from the kids lives! Oliver had his game face on and was ready to haggle, but hasn’t quite got to the walk away stage if he isn’t getting the deal he desires!

Rot Fai Market in Bangkok was our destination for dinner. This is an authentic open-air bazaar selling an incredible array of vintage, collectables and memorabilia from yesteryear, from antiques from England? to fashion and kitsch. We were pretty much the only Farang out and about last night. Wandering and eating from the food stalls – Robin’s favourite way of eating here, we dined on stir fry bugs, salt crusted baked tilapia, pork belly, fried chicken and roti & Coconut pancakes for dessert.

With the skies about to open up, a quick dash to grab the first available taxi before the crowds streamed out, saw us back at the hotel in 20 mins thanks to the rally driver in charge of the wheel!

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