Manila Monsoon mayhem

Last day in Manila. What to do when you have two days in Manila before holiday completion, have just found out your hotel is in a flood watch area and all museums etc have been shut down, as govt has ordered all workers home? Indulge in the Filipinos favourite past time of course and go shopping! At least we will stay dry! So our first day back in Manila we decided to tackle the traffic and head into Chinatown to Divisoria. This is shopping outlet city. Luckily it was a relatively quick trip, as all schools, including universities, have been shut as a precaution as well. After yet more shoe and electronics shopping, we headed back to Makati, and the huge intersecting malls of Alaya, SM and Glorietta. Seriously this place is ridiculous inside, Chadstone has nothing on this place! Unfortunately prices weren’t any cheaper than at home, but that didn’t stop us from getting a few items. 

Day 2 saw no change in the weather with grey skies and regular downpours. At least the streets are clean when we venture out. Today will be a visit to the Mall of Asia – one of the biggest shopping centres in the world. Hope we don’t get lost! Our flight for home leaves at 9pm.

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