Cebu & Typhoon Egay

Arriving at 1am in Cebu City meant straight to the hotel and a comfortable bed. We were staying really close to the action which was fantastic as it meant most things were in walking distance, great considering Cebu traffic is only slightly less hectic than Manila, being the second biggest city in the Philippines. We spent our first 24hrs exploring the city sights and finding a ukulele for Jemima. This involved visiting the very dodgy area of Carbon Market. The only area in all my travels I have actually felt slightly apprehensive. Luckily lots of gesticulating resulted in a happy child and shop owner!

We were extremely lucky with the weather yesterday – setting out for our island hopping looked like it was going to end in tears, torrential rain and ridiculously strong winds looked like ruining our plans for yet another day. However a phone call to verify and we were on our way with the promise of some sunshine. We had a fantastic day at the islands of Olango, Panganan and Nalusuan.

The reef snorkelling was amazing and have the kids the chance to use their snorkelling gear out of the pool.

They both enjoyed it so much that they are happy that our plans have had to change today due to Typhoon Egay. 

The authorities have cancelled all ferries to Bohol for the immediate future with expectations being that they won’t resume operations until Thursday. Considering this was meant to be the day we returned to Manila, our best laid plans had to change. We just had to make do, luckily there is always another beach and therefore another place to explore! We have had to change our destination to Moalboal, one of the best diving spots in the Philippines. 

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