Mt Mayon up close and personal

When in Albay, you can’t miss the breathtaking Mayon Volcano. 

 Dubbed the worlds most perfect volcano we decided that we would go via ATV traversing a boulder-strewn landscape made of black volcanic rubble, rocky streams and the odd buffalo to experience the previous destruction of this still active volcano. Unfortunately as it was under a category 2 alert due to seismic activity ie rumblings and smoke plumes there was an 8km restriction zone surrounding the volcano. 


 We still managed to make it to the lava wall, a 6 kilometer natural lava bed left by the eruption of Mt Mayon in 2006. This was the closest we got to Mt Mayon. The experience was rocky, bumpy and dirty so the kids loved it especially as they both got to drive back to base, and completely soak their parents in the process!  

Zip lining back to the valley floor from volcano exclusion zone – why not!

Rockin it out with Elvis, our fantastic impromptu tour guide for the week in Luzon. He even found Jemima and I wandering the streets ages from our hotel and insisted on giving us a free lift back to make sure we were safe!

Only the church tower remains of the Cagsawa Church, which was buried by the 1814 eruption of Mayon Volcano.

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