Countdown To Christmas at our house

Firstly apologies to all for my tardiness in regular posts in the last few months, usual excuse I’m afraid – I got a bit busy!

Well we made it! Finally we are in our house just in time for a large family celebration, and I have to say with all the effort juggling getting our house set up with long packed items, school functions – speech night alone was 4 hrs of torture! and work commitments, christmas seems to have played its usual trick and snuck up on us yet again!

So for any of you still reading, here is our family’s laundry list of “what happened to us in year two-thousand and whatever.”

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Robin is madly running around completing DIY projects, lamenting the fact that the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter! He had most of the year off until August when he decided that sitting around being gainfully semi retired wasn’t much fun any more! He is now back working FT in audiovisual and wondering where all his free time went! He has recovered completely from his mid year mishap with a certain BSA and is looking forward to getting back on the bike sometime next year. His much coveted shed should be ready for action by February, so at least he will have somewhere to bring the bike back to its former glory.

Fiona is working PT for AstraZeneca and is loving the rural medical contact. Despite a lot of daily travel she is back working in an industry she truly enjoys being part of, and anyway all the trips away allow for discovery of new “out of the way” shops to explore! There is a new house to decorate after all!

Oliver has had a busy first year at Girton in year 4, combining school with representative soccer and the odd drama/choir performance. His first love soccer keeps him out of trouble during the winter, while Futsal fosters the passion in summer.

Jemima has enjoyed her 2nd year at Girton in Year 3, making lots of BFF’s, improving her french,viola and netball. She was also the yr 3 student council representative this year.

The house build has consumed most of our year but despite the struggles it has all been worth it, we now feel much more settled in our new life in Bendigo. Not ones to shy away from constant excitement, Robin decided to set fire to the paddock while mowing resulting in a rather blackened outlook, Oliver loved it – 4 CFA trucks at once! We have also adopted Woody our 2 week old Dorper x Damara poddy lamb, which the kids have really enjoyed, the first of many I am sure!

We would love to see any and all who venture our way during the holidays. From all of us here at Sedgwick, we’d like to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas! xx

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1 Response to Countdown To Christmas at our house

  1. Mike Finney says:

    Hi Fiona, Robin, Oliver & Jemima,

    Loved the Christmas picture, Oliver & Jemima are growing up very quickly.

    Robin, you must be getting a ‘name’ around Bendigo with all your antics! Glad that both BSA and paddock grassfire incidents have left no lasting problems.

    We had a great first Christmas in our new home, hope you all had the same.

    Love to hear how things are going with you all in your new life, very best wishes for 2013 with NO fires or falling off bikes for ANYONE!

    Love from Avril & Mick.

    On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 3:41 PM, From here to there, funny things are

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