Front Door Keys in Hand..

Well, we will have tomorrow, once we sign the final documents. We were told at 3pm this afternoon that we have an occupancy certificate, so after all this time, as far as we are concerned we’re moving in tomorrow! It has seemed never ending, and at times farcical, but we got there and quite frankly that’s all that counts!

The kids have decided that is cause for a day off – I on the other hand have not! All those little things now needed to be sorted all at once if we are to be in there completely within the fortnight. We still have so much still in boxes from Sydney that it shouldn’t be too hard to move – I just hope I labelled all those boxes correctly!

We are really happy with the house – it is exactly as we envisioned. For my part I now get to start on all the decorating ideas that have been swirling round in my head for the last 12 months, for Robin it means completing the list I have been putting together for the last 12 months….deck, front porch, all those light fittings I have bought, shutters on all windows, chook shed, and the list goes on…….. perhaps it would have been better not to give me so much time to shop and think!

We are so happy that we have made it in before christmas!

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