It’s beginning to look like home….

After much frustration at the way things have slowed down on site, we are finally starting to see the road to completion. Our down pipes went on and were connected yesterday – just in time for the downpour today! I just hope they managed to complete the backfill around the house, otherwise we will be marooned now in a quagmire of mud! Just what you need when the cleaners are due in! The tiling is now completed and they have done an amazing job. If we could just get a couple of trades on site simultaneously the house could be almost finished. Patience dear child is what is required.

We had a lovely weekend in Melbourne at a super first birthday on Sunday. Anton reveled in the attention and the kids enjoyed some time with their cousin and his friends. Another Melbourne trip will probably be in order with the school holidays looming. We did promise a Melbourne show visit this time last year…..

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1 Response to It’s beginning to look like home….

  1. Looks great so far. Good Luck!

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