Winter Holidays & Accidents

Whoever decided that private schools get an extra week of holidays should be shot! As lovely as it is to spend time with the 2 kids it’s with a sigh of relief we send them back to school. Making the mid winter holidays so long is completely unnecessary in Victoria when its so cold outside! The kids had the joy of coming with me to Ballarat, then Avoca, then Swan Hill. Unfortunately they had so much fun at the Gold Museum and put put golf that they think my job is a joke!

Oliver finished the term with his stage debut in “The Jungle Book”. He was a monkey. Jemima was very happy to have been made female Student Council Representative for her year. 

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We have now planted all our berries – blackberries, raspberries, red currants, loganberries, and blueberries. Robin has been throwing gypsum around like its going out of style and has planted every nut tree known to man! Walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts. If all these things take off I am going to end up with a permanent market stall in Castlemaine! Jemima was happy that we had planted 2 different types of figs, because “grandpa loves figs which means he’ll be down here all the time!”

Unfortunately all this frivolity came to a screeching halt (literally) when Robin decided to go out on Newbridge Road and leave a 50m skid on the tarmac! We all got to spend a lovely 24hrs in Bendigo A&E and ICU. Thankfully Robin got away with breaking ribs 2-7 and a collarbone, it could have been worse. Luckily the bike came off relatively unscathed. I guess that gives him something to do during the long road of rehabilitation. We certainly didnt expect to finish the holidays in such a dramatic fashion!

Thank goodness mum and dad have been able to come down and give us a hand, it has made life a lot easier. Robin is on the mend and is now at home recuperating! The Colella family joined us last weekend to check on the patient and the progress of the house, which I am happy to say has reached lockup stage. We are getting closer!

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