Sedgwick Build Week 2 Update

We have seen quite a bit happen this week despite the fact Anthony told us it would slow down a bit this week. Luckily the rain decided to stay away which has certainly helped! The roof is finished, the portico post is in and we have a real front porch! Really, really exciting for someone who has stood outside many times getting soaking wet while trying to find front door keys! I’ve always wanted a front porch and there’s something very country about it. 

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The walls have all been braced, which has allowed the kids to get a better idea of their rooms. Oliver now realises that he is not the most deprived child in the world – having a bedroom that is “sooo tiny”. Apparently 4.3m x 3.2m is “ridiculous” and we should have reconsidered his need for space!

The bricks will arrive on Monday ready for the brickies who are booked in for the end of the week. The plaster will arrive by the end of the week so the inside should all start to look amazing by the end of the month.

I did realise that I hadn’t previously included the floorplan, for those who haven’t been so lucky as to be completely bored by a full plan inspection as yet! So for those lucky few I have included it this time.

For a change of pace we are off to Murrabit tomorrow to what are heralded as the largest markets in regional Australia, as if I dont do enough driving during the week! However all that driving has it’s positives, as I found a really great place for lunch that I have been dying to go to – unfortunately it is never open during the week. I hope all the reviews are right!

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