What a difference a week makes!

Well, finally things have started to take shape on the house front. Thank goodness! At the rate the builders were taking to initiate anything at all, you would have heard the yelling interstate if we hadn’t seen any action this week!

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The site scrape is done and the slab and frame are all up. We went out there today for a site meeting to find the windows had gone in and the roof trusses were in place. The colourbond has arrived for the roof and is due for install tomorrow, so hopefully we are at lock up before the end of the week. Of course, it is not a site start with out the inevitable bad weather! We haven’t had an ounce of rain for months, so what better time than the last fortnight to ensure Central Victoria doesn’t miss out on its winter rain! Our lovely, competent supervisor Anthony is pretty sure we will have bricks and plasterboard finished or near completion in three weeks. Talk about all or nothing!

This means we were off today to sort out our fireplace and hearth – I thought we had weeks but apparently not! Luckily for the most part all the interior and exterior products, colours, appliances & tiles are sorted – I am however checking all the interesting shops I pass in my weekly travels because you just never know do you?

Just a warning to all concerned (you know who you are!) we will be looking for your services in October to build the deck and verandah…….. just getting in before diaries slots book up!

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