Memories of summer…

We arrived in Sydney the week preceding christmas with a list of things to be ticked off – mainly comprising of those things that we are unable to get or do on a daily basis in our new life…. sushi train being the most important must do! Visits to friends and family functions took precedence for us. Beach trips to Manly, Balmoral and Newport were sought out on the days we actually had sun! Sydney has had its worst summer ever.

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We followed this with a lovely but extremely cold week at the beach in Port Fairy. It all however, seems like a distant memory now that we are back at school and work. The kids have settled in well over the last couple of months and are gearing up for soccer and netball. Jemima is very excited as she will be playing up with the yr 4’s due to her skill level. In Vict they don’t normally leave netta behind until 10yrs old (in NSW its under 8’s) I have spent as much time in Sydney over the last few weeks, as I have at home due to conferences and training, but am really enjoying the position. The frequent flyer points are adding up rather quickly!

We sign off on the final house plans tomorrow, which is just quietly, rather exciting. I am sure our consultant hates us as I don’t think a room has been left untouched, but now we are positive we have it right. So hopefully we will go to tender by the end of next week and start building in May. Well that’s the plan!

Oh and we have a new 14 week old addition to the family named Harry who in a few short weeks has made himself head of the household!

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