Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Well we have had a very big year this year! We sold the business and the house within 2 months of each other and the spent the months of May and June traveling through Cambodia, Thailand Vietnam & Malaysia. It was a lovely family break as well as a time to get used to the idea of the big move.

We have all settled in well to Bendigo and have enjoyed the little bit of country close to the city that we have encountered so far. Robin has enjoyed his last 6 months of semi retirement and is preparing himself for the rude shock of the full on house build starting early next year. Jemima has settled into Girton College well and has had a busy time learning a whole lot of new skills – French, Japanese & Viola to name a few. Oliver is eagerly awaiting his start at Girton next year and in the meantime has kept himself busy with the Victorian Foundation football squad which he was accepted into shorty after our move. I have been doing temp work and will start a new job with AstraZeneca in the new year, back in pharmaceuticals which I am really looking forward to. 

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We have bought land 10 mins south of Bendigo in a place called Sedgwick. We plan to be finished building & living there by half way through next year, so if you are on your way South in the next year we would love to see you!

We are off to Sydney for Christmas with all the family, then we are planning a short break down the Victorian coast with our brand new 60’s caravan – or as it will be next year our new site shed!

Merry christmas to you all – wishing you the very best of the holiday season xx

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