Bendigo Bound

We finally made it out the other side of the packing and settlement and headed down South! The last few days post settlement were sheer madness and our trailer was a sight to behold! Who knew you could fit so much on a little 7 x 5 number. Up at the crack of dawn to miss Sydney’s peak hour – one thing we definitely won’t miss, our trip down was a happy one, particularly as the weather was getting warmer the further South we went. By the time we hit Bendigo it was a balmy 22 degrees.

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 We got the keys to our short term home and kitted the kids out ready for school, then began the search for land and a property which we can live in while we build.
It has only been 6 weeks but seems like a lot longer. In this time the kids have settled into school amazingly well – thank goodness, and Robin and I have been slowly sorting ourselves out. I have to say I think it would have been easier to move overseas than interstate! Especially where Telcos are involved!

We have finally settled on some wonderful rural living space. A lovely 20 hectares 10 minutes out of Bendigo in the town of Sedgwick. Now we begin the build. We have decided on a house and depending on council we hope to be finished by mid next year. For any of you eager to come visit us here are the directions -Head out of town on Carpenter Street,  pass Spring Gully Pub along the Mandurang/Sedgwick Road, travel 12.5km to Heritage Drive, turn left into Heritage Drive, continue 1.5klms to Dreschler Road, continue all the way until Edenvale road follow this halfway and your there!

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