Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was the last stop on our journey. We arrived to a city in lockdown! Good morning Malaysia! So unable to get into the city we had to navigate another way to our hotel. I guess we’re walking again kids! Not the welcome we were expecting, but that’s the way it seems to go when traveling with us. 2 hours later we finally arrived at our hotel.
A visit to mid valley mall and gardens was in order as the city area was a no go zone. With 5 kms of shopping, dining and gardens it is mind boggling!

Luckily for us the demonstrations had been quelled by the next morning. So we were off to discover the city. First stop was KLCC to Petronas Discovery World. With the kids blissfully unaware of its subliminal messaging they managed to fill in a good 2 hours here, it would have been longer if we hadnt convinced them that KL had other things worth seeing. A visit to Suria is a must for shoppers and luckily we had arrived when the major half yearly sales were on so we made the most of it! A relaxing afternoon spent around the pool finished the day. In all hotel rooms in Malaysia, it is a requirement to have a directional sign for the kiblat (or qibla)… Qibla is an Arabic word for the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays… The qibla is oriented towards the Kaaba in Mecca and while praying, Muslims will face the direction of Mecca… Needless to say many discussions were had over the next few days regarding religions. 

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China town this morning and we hit Petaling Street. It is no where near as good for bargains as Thailand but was fun all the same. We spent the afternoon going out to the fort in Selangor province surrounded by monkeys. Then onto a boat for the largest firefly colony in Malaysia. This was nice but a bit short, considering the distance we had come to see them.  The ride took less than 20 minutes. You get on the small boat and see the Berembang trees flicker with thousands of fireflies on them. Very beautiful and they actually flicker rhythmically! Any attempt at taking pictures was futile. So we just enjoyed the moment.

The highlight of our trip to KL, apart from the shopping, was a trip up the Petronas Towers. Getting the tickets is reminiscent of Willy Wonka tickets, where people are willing to pay ridiculous money to get them as they are so scarce! It was definitely worth the stress of getting to the box office at some ungodly hour days in advance to get the tickets! The view from the top level is amazing, while the architecture is breathtaking. We were lucky enough to snag evening tickets and so were up the tower at sunset. Unfortunately all good things come to an end -so to celebrate our fantastic time in Asia we spent our last night having a lovely meal and cocktails – for us not the kids! overlooking the lake and botanic gardens of KL.

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