Chiang Mai

We had 4 days in Chiang Mai to relax poolside. As we had done most of the tourist jaunts last year we decided we would seek out local places. The one exception to this was Ban Tawaii. A woodcarving district about 30km out of town, we had been there last year but had full bags as it was the end of our trip. The combination of low prices and easy shipping to Australia proved too much and we bought quite a bit of furniture for our new Bendigo abode!

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 The next day we headed out of town for the buffalo market. This market is a local market out of town with no other tourist in sight! It has everything and anything for sale including water buffalo. Jemima has decided “we need to get one when we get home as they are so cute” Being election eve there were people out every where with placards. Emotions were running high in Chiang Mai, red shirt heartland, as Sunawatra was being reported as the front runner. Service of alchohol was banned for the whole weekend making for a quiet city. Evening was spent at the night bazaar – which was so quiet due to the election the next day. We noticed a very large military police prescence about town.

Apart from a quick visit into town to the plaza for a great lunch in it’s popular food court the majority of our last day was spent poolside. In the evening, we headed over to the Sunday Walking Street. Each Sunday, one of the major roads in the old city is closed to traffic and is turned into a giant market from 4pm to midnight. The market started outside Taipei Gate and went all the way to the end of the road. It easily extends for over 4km’s and I think we covered most of it much to the kids disgust! The grounds of each Wat are turned into a food market. It was extremely busy, probably the busiest we have seen Chiang Mai this trip.

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