Ahoy from Halong Bay

The night train from Sapa deposited us back in Hanoi at 4am -as we weren’t due to leave for Halong Bay until 8.30am we sat by the lake and watched the vietnamese arrive on mass for their morning Thai Chi session.  Loudspeakers surrounding the lake shout out instructions and the hawkers all come out to serve breakfast. By 5.30am Hanoi City is a hive of activity. Filling the 4 hours people watching was quite easy! A 3 hour bus drive allowed us all to catch up on some much needed sleep before we arrived at the dock in Halong Bay. We were lucky enough to have the boat to ourselves apart from one other couple. After going to the amazing limestone cave and the local fishing village, we spent the afternoon swimming. The kids had a great time jumping off the top of the boat into the water, as always Jemima led the charge!

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A delicious seafood meal, a spot of squid fishing with bamboo poles (unfortunately we caught nothing) we were ready for bed. Anchored in the centre of a number of islands with huge cliffs surrounding us we were lulled to sleep by the gentle waves in our comfy junk bedrooms.
The next day we sailed around the bay having a swim and just relaxing before heading back to Hanoi for a last evening in Vietnam, before we catch our early flight to Bangkok!

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