Long Way Round in Hoi An (A two-wheeled route through the countryside)

Delicious french style breakfast yet again – croissant anyone? We set off on our motorbikes through the surrounding countryside.

All intentions were to aim for Danang, have a look around and hopefully find a roll of all elusive elastoplast tape (apparently not a worldwide product). After an hour of driving over perilous roads and frenetic traffic and despite being overtaken by everyone, my confidence grew. Ewan Macgregor has nothing on me I thought as we charged along at 40k/hr with Jemima egging me to go faster!

Unfortunately we never quite got to Danang – too many side roads to explore and yet another enticing food stall, combined with misunderstanding nodding heads saying yes, yes you go that way, meant we ended up in completely the wrong direction but certainly had some fun along the way!

Robin & Oliver managed to get a puncture on our ride to China Beach. This is where the US soldiers came for R & R – it is just beautiful. Luckily we came across a lovely old gentleman whose roadside stall was a garage.

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He spoke french but no english so we had a three way conversation between us, with me as interpreter doing my best with school girl french. We drew a lot of attention from locals and what should have been a quick fix stretched into a 45 minute conversation about schooling, tyres, twins and bald spots?! We left with a newly patched inner and an au revoir.

It is definitely worth a stop in Hoi An and arguably the number 1 destination to visit in Vietnam. Tomorrow, we are off to My Son the cultural heart of Vietnam & the spiritual heart of the Kingdom of Champa.

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