We Sold!

We have, after an excruciating 17.5 minutes sold the house! With the house market so depressed here at present we were happy with the outcome. So in 42 days time we will say our final farewells to the little enclave and house that has been our home for the last 12 years. Luckily the selling of the business had also finally been completed at the beginning of the week, so since we are at a loose end for a few weeks, both being unemployed and effectively homeless we have decided to treat ourselves and the kids to a few weeks in SE Asia. We will be travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysian Borneo. We will leave in a week’s time so we certainly will be busy packing the house up, as on our return the house removalists will be on the doorstep! Somewhere in this week Robin and I will be fitting in a flying visit to Bendigo to arrange a few last minute details there. Obviously it goes without saying we are completely insane!

Still how much more exciting is life with a bit of stress and a deadline!

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