Expialidocious Birthday weekend!

Wow what a week! It started with the kids school interviews and open day. Both of them behaved in an exemplary fashion and made us very proud….. for that hour anyway!

So with that sorted it was time to find the pastural land we had always dreamed of – not a big ask really! Apparently it was though as we watched RE agents faces as our wish list was explained to them. “We only want a block of about 20 acres with rolling hills and valley views, one dam minimum, a nice winding drive, fencing, phone and electricity to gate – Oh and did we mention the creek at the bottom….”

So disregarding their negativity we decided to drive around ourselves and we have found quite a few potentials. It will take a visit without children to make our minds up post auction however as concentrating on the kids future plans of “so exactly where is my skate park/ horse stable going to go?” makes an exciting but a times stressful decision a little harder than necessary!

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We rushed home with no help from Jetstar – thanks so much for canceling 2 consecutive flights late on a friday night! Robin is amazed how pushy his wife can be when a house in the next state needs to be immaculate for first open house the next day.

To take our minds off the groups traipsing through our house we set off with the kids to experience the magic of Mary Poppins at the Capitol for my birthday. What a truly great show! Jemima still hasn’t decided whether it tops Wicked – she has however used the programme for reading homework each night this week.
We finished a busy but satisfying week with a family meal at one of our favourite chinese restaurants in Chatswood.

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