Are you in the market for a house?

This week has been a busy one in the Davis household to say the least!!  Perhaps a little bit of history first…. We have been talking about a possible tree change for the last 6 years and had even had holidays in places we thought might be possibilities. Something always stood in the way or it just seemed too hard. We finally came to a decision last christmas period that it was now or never. After a little bit of daydreaming, soul searching & discussion about moving to SE Asia for a couple of years, we had an honest look at what we really wanted for both us and the kids and decided on Bendigo.

Bendigo seems to tick all the boxes we had as prerequisites, and having visited there 3 times in the last year we started to get excited about what could be the next stage in our family’s life path.

So nothing was going to happen without selling the business so we set about putting it on the market. Lucky for us one of our contractors really wanted to take it on with his family. After a period of three months (that’s what happens when you involve a solicitor!!) we finally signed over and it was time to look at selling the house.

So we have breathed a very large breath and dived in with all feet! The kids have their interview for the new school next week and the house has it’s first open this weekend! All a bit scary but exciting at the same time.

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So we now jump on the treadmill which I am more than sure will gather ever increasing speed in the next few weeks.

Oh auction day is the 4th of June – wish us luck!

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