Summer Holiday Fun

Boxing day saw us up at the crack of dawn to begin our drive to Melbourne. With the car packed 2 days ago we were off on time much to Robin’s delight – always a stickler for time management!!

We had a good run of 10 hours – sharing the driving certainly helps. Due to huge amounts of police out and about we were rigidly sticking to the speed limit. That was until I drove through a locust swarm this side of the border which rendered our cruise control useless!!

Arriving into Lygon Street at 5pm we were able to settle in, then get out to stretch the legs and enjoy the Italian precinct of Melbourne that was on our doorstep – quite literally! Pizza for all left us all ready for bed.

We caught up with Marc & Melinda the next day and finally got to see their not so new abode! (They have been back since April but we have only just got down to Victoria) A leisurely walk to the bay for the kids to test out the new christmas scooters saw us end up in Albert Park’s cafe precinct for lunch.

St Kilda Beach was a favourite destination during our stay with 36 degree plus days. The amount of kite surfers on the water was amazing!

Day 3 saw us up early for breakfast in The Causeway. The boys were off for a day at the cricket Eng vs Aust at the MCG. The girls were hitting the post christmas sales! We shopped hard all day finally arriving back to base to meet the boys at 6pm – just in time for a quick bite to eat and then to bed for two very tired little vegemites!

We bade Melbourne city (Melinda & Marc) farewell and travelled for the day through Ballarat into the picturesque valley town of Daylesford and onto Bendigo for NYE. Robin & I love this place! We were lucky enough to have got accommodation within walking distance to the aquatic centre, much to the kids delight as new years eve turned out to be an absolute scorcher at 44 degrees! NYE was spent downtown where there was a great family atmosphere. We were back to our apartment for the fireworks as we had a birds eye view from our apartment! Luckily the kids slept in after the excitement of the night before.

New years day saw us travelling the Great Alpine Discovery Road through the ski resort of Falls Creek. Being New years day and bad parents that we are – we agreed to a licorice icecream followed by twisties which resulted in a very unwell Oliver half way up the bendy mountain roads! The temperature had dropped by a good 20 degrees to 12 degrees so we decide it was perfect weather to try a swim in the Omeo river with its refreshingly icy cold water! We were sure it would make Oliver feel so much better! The kids loved it so much that by the time we reached our accomodation they were ready to go in again. To their delight the place we were staying backed onto the river so Robin and I got to unpack in peace.

Up & raring to go early we drove the rest of the alpine pass down to the sea. We had decided on fish and chips for lunch by the water despite the freezing temperatures and the mizzle. If only we had known that by picking the urban spoon recommended chippy we would have an hour and a half wait!! Jemima kindly informed me it wasn’t my fault and that she wouldn’t hold it against me! This was the only night I hadn’t booked accommodation for – and of course being coastline everything was full! We finally found a place and they most definitely carry the auspicious title of quite possibly being the worst beds we have ever slept in!!

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