Jemima goes to hospital

Jemima has been into hospital today to have an adenotonsillectomy. Luckily for us we were third on the list so were considered a day surgery case. She was all smiles and laughing all the way to the operating theatre and had no qualms at all about the whole deal. Probably because she had been getting so sick with tonsillitis this year that anything seemed better! The doctor had consulted with her as to whether she would like them done in 3 days time or whether she would like to wait till next year – her comment? lets go next week!

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She was fascinated by the choice of gas she would be getting and chose bubblegum (flavoured toothpaste inside the mask for those not in the know!) Luckily I had worked with both the dr and at the hospital so I was allowed into theatre and then straight into recovery to wake her up. A not so happy monkey greeted us however she was quickly cheered up by the suggestion of an lemonade icypole!

Much to her delight this means she gets to have the last week off school – as if 8 weeks of holidays isn’t enough!!

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