How much sport can 2 kids play?

Oliver has spent the last 2 terms at Mongo Football Academy. We swapped from AC Milan due to distance. He is absolutely loving it! I don’t know if the same can be said for his mother once we have picked up and dropped off for 3 days out of the week – & that’s just for practice sessions. He is also representing the school in soccer this year so his Fridays consist of school soccer games in the afternoon, then straight on to Mongo for Friday night competition. This is quite fun in summer however winter leaves a bit to be desired in an outdoor stadium!

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Saturdays see us running from an early soccer game usually over the other side of Sydney to a netball game in the opposite direction – of course! Since I manage Jemima’s netball team I don’t have the advantage of the dump and run. Luckily her practice session is only once a week but of course this fills in another day which means we are inevitably left with one day in the week for all the homework to be done and the kids seem to eat a lot of dinners in the car in traffic!

Jemima is really enjoying netball and is trying out for the school rep team next year. Always happiest when she is playing shooter or centre.

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