Arriving at 11pm at night we were happy to reach our riverside hotel which luckily had escaped incident considering it was only a short distance from the action. We did all the touristy sights the first day – which wasn’t really considered a highlight for the kids I must say – “Not another temple!!” The kids were intent on MBK – the most amazing shopping centre ever. I think we could have left them for the week and they would still want to stay on. We all caught the shopping bug – even Robin! With overflowing bags of clothes, handbags, DS games, Wii games and souvenirs we definitely enjoyed our time here. Unfortunately centralworld was out due to the damage it had sustained. 

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From Bangkok we went to the floating markets, and the train markets, the firefly markets and the night markets! Each unique in its own way. The night markets would have to have been the highlight for the kids as this finally fulfilled Oliver’s need to eat bugs! And the sight on Jemima’s face once she realised what she’d been convinced to eat was priceless!!

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