From trekking with Elephants to ziplining with Gibbons

Up early we were off to the markets to stock up on bananas. From there we headed North up into the mountains to meet the gentle giants that would be our companions on our trek. Due to the lack of tourists we were lucky enough to be the only 4. Excitement ensued when the kids finally met their elephants and got to feed them!! Jemima was at home from the first moment and had no fear at all, Oliver took a little longer to warm up.

After learning all the commands necessary to be a mahout from Nong we mounted our elephants – Jemima & I on one with Oliver & Robin following behind. Getting up close and personal with your own elephant is a once in a lifetime experience, bathing with them in the early evening is another thing altogether!! 

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Day 2 saw us off into the rainforest areas halfway to Chiang Rai to go ziplining. It was with slight trepidation that we all got kitted up. I can only say it was a bit scary at first but after the second run it is a blast, you just got to try it. Unfortunately we didnt see any gibbons but we had ample opportunities to act like them! 34 Platforms with 300m lines, 4 abseils and a 40m drop straight down at speed left us exhilarated!

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